IVF-Assist has a single purpose - to help 1,000 women who are having trouble conceiving to get pregnant using our programmes within three years - especially if you intend using In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) or other Artificial Reproductive Technique (ART) to help you conceive.

By the way, we’ll refer to all the techniques as IVF on this site, for simplicity.

IVF-Assist is a psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy based programme developed from several years of evidence-based practice and extensive study of formal academic literature by a highly experienced and registered therapist who holds multiple academic qualifications including a Masters degree in Psychotherapy and Counselling Practice. That means you can trust this site to provide factual information and the latest from relevant research.

iStock_000026686996SmallIVF-Assist has been the subject of a substantial university supervised, ethically controlled and triple triangulated (i.e. critiqued by other experts) qualitative research study.

The study reviewed seven out of eight ‘difficult case’ women with multiple prior IVF failures between them, who became pregnant using IVF-Assist. That live birth rate was significantly higher than for women in the same patient category (age, number of previous unsuccessful cycles etc.) who used IVF alone (as presented in the publications of government appointed/recognised authorities).

You can access a brief summary of our research, and a research case study, here

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Research reveals major stressors for women undergoing IVF

For years now academic researchers have been debating whether stress causes IVF failure. The majority agree there is a correlation between stress and IVF failure but that stress does not necessarily cause IVF failure. All research conducted to that time relied on participants answering survey questions. The tables turned in 2014 when a US research…
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Female infertility – For women having difficulty getting pregnant with IVF

Some case study findings from university supervised research gives reason for hope for thousands of women… It wasn’t ‘til about six or seven years ago that I first heard what I often now hear several times each week: ‘Everyone knows someone undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) and still having trouble getting pregnant.’ Since then, I’ve…
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Causes of Ovulation Pain or Ovulation Discomfort

In my last post, I addressed ovulation pain or discomfort. Several women have asked concerning the cause of such discomfort. Of course, the best person to address your particular symptoms of ovulation is your physician. However, I will respond to the questions asked by over-viewing some of the more commonly known causes of ovulation discomfort….
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