Research reveals major stressors for women undergoing IVF

For years now academic researchers have been debating whether stress causes IVF failure. The majority agree there is a correlation between stress and IVF failure but that stress does not necessarily cause IVF failure. All research conducted to that time relied on participants answering survey questions. The tables turned in 2014 when a US research…
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Learn the answers to the top 10 questions about IVF…in 30 minutes or less

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about getting pregnant using ART/IVF These days the internet plays a big part in getting many women pregnant! Let’s face it – the first port of call for finding out about fertility challenges – and pretty much anything about anything these days – is the internet. But the…
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Female infertility – For women having difficulty getting pregnant with IVF

Some case study findings from university supervised research gives reason for hope for thousands of women… It wasn’t ‘til about six or seven years ago that I first heard what I often now hear several times each week: ‘Everyone knows someone undergoing IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) and still having trouble getting pregnant.’ Since then, I’ve…
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Ovulation Pain

Most women don’t experience pain as a symptom of ovulation. However, some do. When ovulation pain is experienced, it can be a clear symptom of ovulation. Women who do experience pain as a symptom of ovulation report feeling different types of discomfort. Headaches: Women who are prone to headache, especially migraine headache, sometimes report noticing…
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