Have you experienced IVF failure, and are feeling lost?

Recent research might provide the solution insights you’re looking for…

Facts are facts, and one certainty is that the stress and expense of IVF is not at all reduced by Government statistics that show your chances of IVF failure are higher than your chances of success. And if you’re trying to become pregnant using IVF, and have experienced failure…it’s likely you’re feeling the squeeze.

This site has the sole objective of helping you relieve that pressure.

And now – let’s take a look at some relevant facts about IVF success…

FACT: Across the total number of IVF cycles undertaken successful birth rates are well below 50%

In the United Kingdom it’s between 25 and 27%.

In the USA its reported as higher – said to be in the mid 30% range.

One study in Australia conducted by The Fertility Society of Australia and the University of New South Wales reported a live birth rate of just 18.2%, with 25 % of cases not even reaching embryo stage.

While those numbers probably raise as many questions as they answer, the point is they clearly show far more failure than success from IVF cycles….and that means if you’re trying to get pregnant  using IVF, you need to have as much going for you as humanly possible. 

And that’s where some knowledge of IVF-Assist, and its sub-programme, Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy, comes in.

What is IVF-Assist? How can it help?  How can you trust it?  We’ll get to that in just a minute – and the answers will astound you.

For now. Let’s check out a few more important facts…

FACT: Success statistics can be so low that some countries limit assistance for some women to avoid wasting government funds

New Zealand will not provide financial assistance for IVF to women over the age of 40 and/or who have a BMI in excess of 32 and/or who smoke.

The government of Ontario in Canada limited government funded IVF treatment to one egg collection cycle and only for women under 43, with a limit of 4,000 cases per year.

FACT: These facts, plus the cost of IVF, contribute to make the process very stressful for many women

And the cruel fact is that the increased stress of each failure might contribute to failure on the next attempt.

American research in 2014 tested stress bio-markers in saliva and concluded that higher levels of stress contributed to longer time to pregnancy, and to ability to become pregnant.  The debate continues, but based on this research, common sense suggests that you accept that stress levels might have an effect on IVF outcomes.

Despite that continuing professional debate, my clinic and research evidence suggest it simply makes sense to control stress while trying to conceive, and that’s exactly what this site is all about…

The study-proven and research-endorsed IVF-Assist programme

After studying thousands of pages of respected clinical, psychological and medical research, I eventually came up with what I considered might be a useful formula for enhancing a woman’s chances of success from her IVF cycle.

It is really a simple, easy-to-follow 5-stage ‘Clinical Strategy based Programme’ that addresses stress (and the effects of negative life experiences from younger years) that I believe could negatively impact women and contribute to IVF failure.

I even conducted a pilot study and formal university supervised research into the strategy, and 7 out of 8 women became pregnant within three cycles (4 on their next cycle) and these women had a total of 51 previous IVF failures between them. That’s an impressive result, is it not?

For a working title, I chose IVF-Assist. My research was a university supervised, ethics controlled and triple triangulated formal qualitative study into the impacts of the sources of stress for women undergoing IVF and the effect of the programme on dealing with that stress.  It was published in a double peer reviewed international journal for psychotherapy and psychiatry in January of 2016.

Now, if you’re interested in the full programme that we used with the research participants, you can find detailed information here. However, I figured that you might want to begin with a simpler approach – one that gives you all the insights into the research programme structure etc. but allows you flexibility regarding how you follow that structure using your own stress management techniques, rather than the ones I developed.

Prefer to take this small steps approach to being with?…then here’s the good news…

That’s now possible via my Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy programme.

The programme is informed by our IVF-Assist research, and its components are:

  • Our video entitled Tips To Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy which addresses how sometimes minor changes in various aspects of stress management, lifestyle, diet and other aspects of every day live can make a significant difference in pregnancy chances
  • A brightly coloured mindmap for you to follow as you watch the video mentioned in the previous point…just to make things easier and increase comprehension of important information
  • A face-to-camera video of me answering questions that women have asked about my video covering lifestyle adjustments to enhance pregnancy chances…to ensure you’re right up to date on the latest information
  • A series of four videos in which I explain the IVF-Assist programme and its evolution, and describe the research conducted, so you can understand how it worked for others, and gain insight into how you can personally get the best from it, or from following its principles, develop your own approach
  • A document overviewing the five stages of the programme and the therapeutic techniques used in each phase – again, this provides a template which you can adjust if you wish, using your own techniques
  • A video detailing a case study of how a woman in her 40s who’d spent $70,000 on IVF and had experienced numerous failures became pregnant on her first round of IVF using IVF-Assist – I’m convinced that most women who’ve suffered an IVF failure will identify with this case study at some level, and learn a lot from it
  • A BONUS infographic entitled Dos and Don’ts on the Way to Pregnancy
  • A BONUS infographic entitled When Faced With IVF Failure

Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy provides you with all the information you need to decide between designing your own stress management programme (following our research-proven approach) or investing in the full IVF-Assist programme. If you’d prefer to use the precise programme we used in our pilot study and research, you can click here for a brief video overview or click here for a detailed description of that programme, and its background and content..

REMEMBER, in its own right, Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy represents real value by providing you with solid information to help you optimise your chances of pregnancy.

The really good news is – Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy is yours for just $9.95

enhance chances

Personally, I wouldn’t advise any woman to attempt getting pregnant without having a proven, step-by-step guide to follow, especially if you’ve experienced previous failure of costly IVF cycles.

I really mean that…and my position is backed by the scientific evidence!  In short, my advice would be….

If you’ve experienced IVF failure, don’t attempt a single additional IVF cycle until you’ve adopted some programme to address stress at specific points across your IVF cycle

At IVF-Assist.com, we’ve already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t) and conducted the pilot study and research to prove our hypothesis.

However, we do understand that, while some women would prefer to use our full research programme exactly as the pilot study participants did, others would prefer to either understand the basics of our IVF-Assist programme structure, and use that as a guide for applying their own stress management techniques, or simply to learn more about the programme before making a decision to invest in the full version.

If you are in either of these positions then Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy is the programme for you.

You can rest assured we’ve been careful to document precisely the content of our pilot study and research programmes into a simple, easy-to-follow structure to ensure that anyone joining the IVF-Assist family at this basic level can use as a guide to enhance your chances of pregnancy, using your personal preference of stress management techniques.

In the past the IVF-Assist programme was available only in the full version through my clinic, or to pilot study and research programme participants.  But now, for what will probably have to be a limited period (you’ll see why in just a bit) I’m making this available to the public.

So now you don’t have to go it alone!

Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy has never before been available.  For a limited time (until numbers get the point that I don’t feel comfortable to be able to personally answer any questions etc. (which I do insist on doing) it is yours for just $9.95….and that’s Australian dollars. At the time of writing that was just USD 7.50.

Yes…only $9.95 Australian.

enhance chances

That’s about the cost of a coffee for 3 days….and it’s a miniscule fraction of the cost of an IVF cycle.

Literally, for this price you can choose to have one of those fancy coffees for three days or you can:

  • Learn the principles from my pilot study and research programme and understand the stages at which you need to address stress to enhance your chances of pregnancy
  • Begin learning this information today … in just the very few seconds it will take us to deliver it to your screen…
  • Learn the stages of your IVF cycle at which research shows you need to reduce anxiety so you can actually begin to enjoy the road to motherhood

The choice is yours…

Click the green button below and start to enhance your chances of pregnancy beginning virtually immediately… in fact in just those few short seconds it will take us to get the programme files and instructions to you…

enhance chances

I promised that I’d explain why this offer will need to be limited.  The reason is simply that I’d expect the many women who begin using any programme newly available to have questions along the way, and I want to remain available to answer those questions personally.  To be able to do this, I simply must limit programme availability to numbers for which I can handle queries from users.

The message is clear, be sure to get involved with Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy before the programme needs to be even temporarily limited.  But what if you’re thinking, ‘this is pretty new research, and I’m not quite sure if this is the product for me?’

Well, at this low price, that’s unlikely to be a question most women would be asking.  If you are, I’ll address that very problem a little later herein.  But for those certain they want to enhance their chances of pregnancy, you can get involved immediately with the Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy which includes that video overview of the pilot study and research that resulted in 7 our of 8 difficult case women becoming pregnant despite a collective 51 previous IVF failures.

enhance chances

Frequently Asked Questions:

What’s exactly is Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy?

It’s not just a theory course about enhancing pregnancy chances, nor is it our full research programme or an in-clinic service .

It’s a programme designed to outline the stages at which I addressed stress (and sometimes negative ‘imprints’ from childhood experiences) in a structured fashion during the pilot study and research I conducted while investigating methods to help women enhance their chances of becoming pregnant when undergoing IVF (or other Artificial Reproductive Technology service).

The programme is designed to provide insight into the general structure for application of stress management techniques across and IVF cycle in order to allow you to apply your own techniques in accordance with that structure.

Here’s how it works:

In the last 24 months I have:

  • Invested a very large amount of time reading the latest academic research regarding fertility challenges…
  • Developed an hypothesis concerning stress and the five points surrounding IVF cycles it is likely to have most impact…
  • Devised a programme of counseling, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy to deal with stress at each of those stages…
  • Tested the programme in a pilot study…
  • Conducted university supervised, ethics controlled, heavily referenced and triple-triangulated qualitative research (i.e. rigourous) regarding the experience of women who underwent the pilot programme, and
  • Produced an extended version of IVF-Assist for release to the general public

…all this was done through my own clinic in Australia, although many of the research participants were referred to me by well-respected local IVF doctors.

And along the way I believe I have perfected some strategies and tactics for effectively dealing with stress and negative imprints that might impact IVF success rates. More importantly, like any good scientist, I documented each strategy in a step-by-step approach so the best ideas were recorded to be rolled out to the broader community, should our pilot study prove successful- which I think it is safe to say it most definitely was.

However, I accept that many women would want to understand the structure I used for application of my stress management and other therapeutic techniques, but might want to apply their own techniques within or across that structure, rather than simply adopt my full programme as it was used with the research participants.

For that reason, in addition to offering the full programme as was used with the research participants (and you can access a short overview video regarding the programme here or click here for a more detailed description).I decided to produce Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy as a separate programme to meet the needs of women who prefer using their own techniques, and those who want to learn more about the structure of the full research programme prior to investing in it.

The Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy programme includes the behind the scenes story and theory, but the core of it is about providing you with the structure around which you can apply your own stress management techniques immediately to enhance your chances of pregnancy (rather than use the full programme as used by my study participants).

Why $9.95?

If you’re thinking “$9.95 is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are four reasons that should put your mind at ease:

  1. No catch. I realise $9.95 is a miniscule fraction of the cost and it does represent outstanding value because it gives you the insights regarding the structure of the programme I used to get impressive results in the pilot study.
  1. While this is not the full programme used in the research (you can get that here if you want) it does provide the structure and principles of the research programme to allow you to apply your own stress management techniques at the same points of a cycle as research participants applied my stress management techniques.
  1. I am hoping this price will attract a lot of interest and help me achieve my IVF-Assist.com vision of helping 1,000 women get pregnant using our programmes within three years.
  1. I also hope that some women who purchase this Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy programme will decide to invest to our full programme – exactly the IVF-Assist program we used in our successful pilot study .

That’s it…

No fine print…no “hidden extras”…no shenanigans. Just the information as promised seconds after you complete the purchase process.

Is there a guarantee?

No.  We’ve already traded price for guarantee, and I think any reasonable person would conclude likewise.

In any case, nowhere in the medical or therapeutic world can a 100% guarantee be provided regarding results.  For a therapist to guarantee results would breach professional codes of conduct, and could lead to disqualification from membership of professional institutions.  I cannot guarantee you’ll gain success from use of this programme any more than your IVF doctor can guarantee you’ll become pregnant on your next cycle using IVF.

How long will it take to get access to the Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy programme

Availability at the moment is immediate.

Your download and access information will be sent to the email address you provide.

Do you have any examples or case studies of other people who have used Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy to get pregnant?

No, I do not at this stage.  Which raises the obvious question ‘why not?’

This Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy programme is an overview and summary of, and introduction to, the full IVF-Assist programme that was the subject of my pilot study and formal research. It has been prepared in response to demand from women who did not want to invest in the full programme, but wanted to understand more about it, or wanted to use the stages identified in the full research to apply their own stress management techniques.

My research report (which was published in January 2016 in a respected international double peer reviewed academic journal of psychotherapy and psychiatry) presents evidence of success by participants who used the full IVF-Assist programme  Here are just a few comments from participants from that research.  In accordance with the ethics requirements applying to the research, identification of participants must be kept confidential.

“Our best result from previous rounds was six eggs collected and two fertilized – but with no pregnancy.  On our first round of using IVF-Assist, we had 13 eggs collected, seven fertilized, and now we have a beautiful baby daughter.”

“…allowing myself to talk to you – helped to let go the pain in a way where I could focus on trying again to have another baby.  Before I was more focused on what happened … than I was with the new baby” (This woman became pregnant using IVF -Assist with IVF after having experienced a mid pregnancy still birth).

“It stopped me having a breakdown; I was a bit of a mess – emotional and shaky – and that’s how I felt all the time…I just didn’t feel like I was able to cope; but I would do a session (of IVF-Assist) and feel like a weight was lifted for a while”. 

“ Just you saying you would help me made me feel better immediately – I had such faith in your work.  She (the client’s IVF doctor) told me she wouldn’t get more than three or four eggs.  She got 14, and said, ‘I’ve never seen anything like this before.’ Having positive results made me more positive about the entire situation.

Remember, these comments are for participants in the pilot study who underwent the full programme – this Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy programme is a summary of the structure and stages of the full pilot study programme.

For immediate access:

enhance chances

I reiterate, I really do want you to be one of the 1,000 women I aim to help become mothers using my programmes over the coming three years.

And, of course, I’m hoping what you learn from Tips to Enhance Your Chances of Pregnancy will convince you to join our IVF-Assist family at the level of using the full programme that we used for our pilot study and research.

So, why delay taking that next positive step towards motherhood any longer?

For a limited time – until our launch numbers reach the point that I need to close the offer to deal with questions etc. (which one would expect from any new programme like these) you can join our IVF-Assist family at just $9.95.

Act now, and I’ll see you on the other side…

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