Are we pregnant? Reviewing the signs of pregnancy

_DSC0991Clients often ask about post-ovulation symptoms. What they usually mean is, “are
there any signs of pregnancy to look out for before missing a period?”
I’ve never had a client report post-ovulation symptoms, although I am aware changing
hormone levels can give rise to hot flushes and/or sweating (or night sweats) in come

Frankly, I think the best thing to do between ovulation and the end of the cycle is
R-E-L-A-X. It might be easier said than done, but with the correct tools, relaxation
can be achieved.

Listen to hypnosis programs, meditate, exercise, read, contemplate, pray – it doesn’t
really matter – just do anything other than worry about whether or not you’re
pregnant. It’s really important to work achieve a level or calmness and relaxation,
because that worry about the forthcoming pregnancy test (while completely
understandable) at sufficient intensity, could give rise to the kind of stress that might
very well affect your ability to become pregnant and sustain the pregnancy.

Having said that, I do realise that most people who’ve been trying to get pregnant for
some time are going to tend to take little notice of my advice.

Accordingly I succumb, out of compassion, to your demands and will outline a few
symptoms which post ovulation and pre pregnancy test, MIGHT indicate pregnancy,
provide a basis for optimism, and so alleviate some concern.

Sore or Swollen Breasts. While these can be symptoms of ovulation, if they arise or
continue post ovulation, they might very well be an early indication of pregnancy.
Those swollen breasts just might have been caused by your hormones changing in
early pregnancy (especially progesterone).

Hot Flushes and or Night Sweats. If you’ve experienced ovulation without these
symptoms for some time and now begin to experience post-ovulation hot flushes and
night sweats, then its possible you’re experiencing early signs of pregnancy (except of
course, if you’re in your fifties, in which case there’s an even-money chance you’re
experiencing signs of menopause).

Nausea. Most people would have heard of ‘morning sickness’ – the condition which
has pregnant women going through a ritual of holding their head very, very close to a
toilet pedestal for the mornings of the first trimester of pregnancy. (By the way,
morning sickness can quite often be effectively treated with a simple
hypnotherapeutic intervention).

Post ovulation nausea might well be a pre-pregnancy form of morning sickness and so
indicate you might be pregnant. This nausea, by the way, is usually hormone-change

Please note:
If you’re taking fertility drugs such as Clomid it’s possible you’ll experience postovulation
symptoms due to increased hormone level changes. This being the case, I
don’t want to give the impression that the signs of pregnancy outlined herein are final
and finite.

Nothing beats missing a period and having a properly administered pregnancy test
return a ‘positive’ when it comes to determining whether or not you’re pregnant.
If you’re feeling stressed post-ovulation and pre-pregnancy test, why not download
my FREE Relaxation Audio Programme to help you attain the desired state of calm
and relaxation leading up to your test. It’s available on this site.

Until next post “fiat lux– et graviditas” – Let there be light – and pregnancy!

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