Dealing with infertility-there is hope

Llave en manoThis blog has the purpose of helping couples dealing with infertility – I prefer to say
‘facing’ fertility challenges – to move beyond and get pregnant. If you’re in that
situation, this blog’s certainly for you.

The first entries will address important physiological aspects of the fertility cycle – in
particular ovulation. Later entries will address various obstructions or challenges to
pregnancy, and inform you regarding a range of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy
based interventions available to help you move beyond fertility challenges.

Before I move on, you’ve probably noticed me using the term ‘fertility challenges’.

Why is that?
Simply because to describe oneself as ‘infertile’ might well be contributing to the
realisation of a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Do be careful about using any ‘negative’ language or non-resourceful ‘toxic’ words
when describing a circumstance of not being pregnant when you’d like to be.

We’ll address this issue in more detail as this blog develops and expands to cover
ways of dealing with fertility challenges.

Fertility challenges represent a serious situation in modern society. Modern medicine
has come to the rescue in the form of the range of services collectively known as IVF
(or In Vitro Fertilisation).

IVF can most certainly be effective – but it can also be expensive. If you’re
undergoing IVF you’ll want to be certain the procedures have the maximum chance of
providing a positive result in the fewest possible cycles.

We’ll be specifically addressing ways by which you achieve precisely that goal in
later posts.

I’m beginning this blog in written form. But I invite you to stay on board. In the very
near future I’ll be providing the information in up to 3 forms for each post. There’ll
be a video presentation, a podcast, and a pdf version.

And that means you can take in all the information you need as you face dealing with
fertility challenges in the format you prefer.

For now, welcome aboard!
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Until the next blog “fiat lux– et graviditas” –
Let there be light – and pregnancy!

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