Ovulation Pain

_DSC1004Most women don’t experience pain as a symptom of ovulation. However, some do. When ovulation pain is experienced, it can be a clear symptom of ovulation.

Women who do experience pain as a symptom of ovulation report feeling different types of discomfort.

Headaches: Women who are prone to headache, especially migraine headache, sometimes report noticing an increase in the number of headaches they have – or in the severity of these headaches during the days immediately prior to ovulation.

Another type of headache that might be experienced is the cluster headache. A cluster headache is a one-sided pain, which can be accompanied by teary eyes and stuffy nasal passages. These are more likely to be experienced closer to the time of ovulation than in the earlier days leading to ovulation.

Cramping: This is the most commonly experienced type of ovulation pain. Ovulation – related cramping is usually reported to be less severe than menstrual period-related cramping. Some women who experience ovulation-related cramping also report light spotting around the same time.

Ovulation related cramping is usually reported as only mildly uncomfortable and lasting from a couple of hours to a few days.

Pain in the Lower Stomach: Ovulation is often accompanied by a sharp pain to one side or the other of the lower abdomen. This is called Mittelschmerz, which is a German word meaning ‘middle pain’. The pain usually lasts from 1-7/8 hours but some people do experience is for up to 24 hours or so.

In summary

Pain is not commonly a symptom of ovulation, but up to around 20% of women reports various levels of discomfort around ovulation time.

Because ovulation pain is not overly common, if you do experience severe or continuing pain around ovulation – especially if it’s different from your usual cycle characteristics – you should consult your physician to discount the possibility of the discomfort being associated with any serious disorder.

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